Activity Booking

Increase Revenue By Enabling An Easier Booking Process

An activity booking tool allows prospective clients to reserve and pay for a service or activities they plan to do personally via your website. This provision makes it faster and easier to make a booking, which enables you to offer a personalized experience due to prior planning.

Sell Your Inventory Globally

An online solution ensures that your clients from all over the world can book and make payments with the options that are most convenient for them.

Leverage On Your  Social Media  Networks

Integrate the activity booking tool onto your website to enable your clients to book for the activities directly through social media.

Minimize The No-show Incidences

Customers who made a financial commitment by booking their own reservations are more likely to show up, resulting in significantly fewer no-show tee times.

Variety of Payment Options

Enable your clients to pay you using a variety of payment options which include: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and mobile money.

Start increasing your online bookings today

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