Accept POS and Virtual Card Payments Hassle Free

Virtual card is a digital card of a specified amount where the details are sent directly you without needing to print and use them for a limited time. Reserveport provides you with a tool to charge these cards in a secured way.

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Reserveport has achieved Oracle Validated Integrations to drive real-time Bookings, Orders and Payments for Hotels and Restaurants.

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Save Time & Cost

Rids off the time and resources of having to register orders & bookings manually.

Drive Sales 24/7

Push for sales all day as long as you are open without fear of overbookings

Reduce risk on Fraud

All payments are posted in real-time reducing risk of handling payments manually

Real-time Integration to PMS

All transactions are posted to your PMS terminal in real-time, to ensure that the speed of serving guests during check-out or as they pay is enhanced, reconciliation is simplified and the risk of Fraud is reduced.

Ease of Use

After being generated, the card is sent right to the hotel on the booking confirmation, with any instructions and so all you have to do is simply pick the details, charge on our tool and funds will be in your bank account on settlement.

Charge Virtual Cards

Some OTA’s such as Booking.com, Expedia, Jumia Travel, and Tour Radar will send you a Virtual card for your bookings. With this card terminal, you can charge the card and get the funds deposited in your Bank-Account in 2 Business days.

Reduce risk on Fraud

All card transactions require the customer to provide a secure PIN and this removes the risk of staff handling card details of the customer which could lead to fraud and liability claims.

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