Virtual Cards

Charge Virtual Cards Hassle Free

A virtual card is a digital card of a specified amount where the details are sent directly you without needing to print and use them for a limited time. Reserveport provides you with a tool to charge these virtual cards in a secured way.

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Enhanced Security

As Virtual cards are created for a one-time, specific use and avoid passing consumer card details to a hotel, you can charge the card without fear of exposing your hotel to Fraud, and reduce the risk that lies with online card processing.

Ease of Use

After being generated, the card is sent right to the hotel on the booking confirmation, with any instructions and so all you have to do is simply pick the details, charge on our tool and funds will be in your bank account on settlement.

Collect in Advance

Some OTA’s will send you the Virtual card immediately a booking is confirmed and so you can charge the card and get the funds before the customer check-in.

Reduce risk on Fraud

The card details, security code, address and expiry are unique to each card produced and expire after a certain period. This short duration tackles the problem of landing into the hands of fraudsters.

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