Understanding Reserveport: How Well Do You Know Your Booking Engine?

By Reserveport Super User Under Hospitality Blog Thursday, 19 December 2019

Reserveport is a free booking engine, that enables a hotel to take bookings straight from their website as well as from their social media channels.

In case your hotel has no website, Reserveport comes with a simplified user-friendly website integrated with the booking engine and you can start taking bookings immediately. It has a channel manager that enables you to sell your inventory globally through various Online Travel Agents such as booking.com, Expedia and Jumia Travel, process virtual cards and accept multiple payment options.

As soon as a hotel signs up, you are able to upload your content including, rates, descriptions as well as the hotel policy. Reserveport customizes the page to fit your brand with the colors used and the general layout. This article dives into all the features that the booking engine contains. 

Payment Links/ Virtual Card Payments 

This is a link provided by the hotel to the client/guest in order for them to make the payment. With Reserveport you have the option of creating single payment links to one client or multiple for many clients at a go. Under this tab, you also have the option of charging the virtual cards that the online travel agents have created for the client/guest to make the payment. You have the option of creating one and sending it directly to your client or to your travel agent. Reserveport accepts multiple payment options both in the local currency and in US Dollars. These include Visa, Mastercard, Mpesa and American Express. 

After your funds are collected, they are stored in a safe account and settlement happens in T+48  hours. The turnaround time is fast and settlement is effective.


Under the bookings tab, there are five different segments to work with. The calendar tab shows the dates which contain any rooms available for booking and allows you to make adjustments as updated by the reservations desk. Bookings also allow you to take stock of your rooms as it shows inventory of all the bookings made over a certain period. You are also able to see incomplete bookings and pursue them as opportunities to make a sale by contacting the guest  An arrivals tabs shows you the estimated time that your guests is scheduled to arrive at the hotel allowing you to prepare their room and a welcome package. Finally reports allow you to track your performance as a hotel over a certain period of time. 

Rooms & Rates

The first tab under this is the rooms. This showcases all the different rooms that are available in the property eg family room, double room etc. Secondly there is the rates which allows you to create the rates for the different rooms that you have. Enhancements are the extra facilities that you offer your clients as a hotel such as the spa, nail bar and any others. Finally there is the Discounts and special offers tab which contains any discounts that you would want to offer your clients as an incentive e.g 4 nights for the price of 3. Rooms & Rates allows you to showcase your property in depth so as to give your clients a clear picture of the experience they will get when they book with you.  

Property Setup

This  gives a better understanding of the hotel functionality. This includes information about the hotel its location, contacts, the different age groups accepted there, contacts of the property administrators, property agents and finally the channel manager. The channel manager is a software that enables a hotel to sell their inventory anywhere in the world. It helps in putting your property in the global map so as to generate more revenue.  

User Guide

This is the final tab that is present on the website. It includes all the information about all the tabs present on the website. Information contained here gives you a deeper understanding of the booking engine and how it functions. All the other segments are explained in depth under the user guide tab. 

If you are a hotel and have been looking for an online booking solution, here is your answer.

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